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5 Top Tips to Save Moving Costs

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 The Best Ways to Save on Moving Costs

Checkout our top 5 ways to get those costs down below!

  1. Move Less Stuff. The less there is the lower your moving coast. The most basic way to save on moving is don’t move so much stuff. Basically, purge, purge, purge. Look into junk removal companies, you will be amazed how much one can throw away.
  2. De-clutter in Steps. Tackle a room every few days and put things into donation and give away or garage sale items that others made find useful. Almost anyone can reduce their possessions by 20%.
  3. Pack Yourself. Pack most of your own things in boxes. By deciding to do this you can tell the moving companies to do estimates on basis they are moving not packing (except for covers and pads on large furnishings). Buy boxes and clean paper to pack. Start a few weeks in advance. Many companies now specialize in renting reusable boxes. Go green and and reuse.
  4. Plan Ahead. Get some good moving checklists free on the web. Find one that fits you and your situation and use the list. If followed these lists will save you both time and money. There is no replacement for good organization. The better you plan the less time and money your move will take on moving day.
  5. Move at Off Times. If you are moving locally, consider moving during mid-month. Moving companies are always busy at month’s end, but when business is slower some will lower rates. Just ask.


We at Stop and Store Squamish are your go to company for all things storage. We can help by freeing up space and holding items you are not sure you need just yet. Or need more time to decide on. Let us help you save on moving costs next time. Give us a call today!

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