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Why Drive-Up Storage is The Best Storage

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With so many different storage companies and types of storage, it’s hard to understand which is best. Today we will explain drive up storage and why it’s beneficial to you. You just may never want to store any other way. Stop and Store Squamish has the best drive-up storage on the sea to sky!

Drive-Up Storage Explained

Heavy Items are a Breeze

One of the biggest complaints about self storage is that heavy items are so very hard to move in and out. Not with drive-up storage, in either your car or van you drive inches up to your storage unit with the heaviest of items. In just a few feet your item will be snugly tucked away, easy. This also does away with movers, no need to pay extra for people to move your stuff for you, you are always just a few feet from your unit.

Walk No More

Walking through isles and isles to find your unit is tiring. With drive-up storage, you are able to drive directly to your unit, and drive away. The amount of time you will save with drive-up units compared to traditional is immense. You honestly may never want to rent a different type of unit, and that’s okay because we have tons of drive-up units available.

Less Damage

A big issue with moving things is accidental damage. With drive-up storage your chances of damaging items are significantly lower. With less of a distance from the vehicle to the unit, you won’t have to worry about damaging that vintage coffee table. We do offer storage insurance however, just in case something happens to that coffee table while it’s stored with us. If you want to rent a drive-up unit, give one of our experts a call or fill in our quick 15-second form online.


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