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How To: Student Travel

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Seeing what the world has to offer is important for so many reasons. Don’t let the fact that you are a student set you back. In fact, this is actually one of the best times you can venture out and see the world. As a student, your responsibilities are fairly minimal. Not to mention, there are so many breaks allowing for the opportunity to explore the world.  We’ve created some tips so that you can get out there and make it happen!

5 Tips for Student Travel

1.       Plan ahead

Always plan ahead. This will allow you to make the most of your time and often you’ll get a better deal. If you purchase tickets ahead of time for things you know you want to see, you won’t have to waste your time standing in long overcrowded lineups. Every second counts when travelling, don’t waste it!

2.       Live like a local

Talk to the locals when it comes to recommendations. They will know the best places to go and oftentimes these places are less expensive than the tourist traps. You will also get to experience the culture the way people who live there do.

3.       Skip the hotel and find a hostel

Hostelworld is a great app to use when looking for a place to stay. Hotels can be pricey and depending on the duration of your journey they can really add up. A great cheaper alternative is a hostel. Most hostels even offer private rooms, if you aren’t comfortable with the idea of sharing a room with strangers. If you are comfortable with that idea, the more people to a room the cheaper your stay will be.

4.       Go with a travel buddy

Having a travel buddy is great for so many reasons. You have someone to share food with, split cab rides with, and pass the time with. Don’t get me wrong travelling solo is awesome too, but when it comes to your wallet having a buddy is the way to go!

5.       Pick a cheap time of year to travel

Travelling is expensive, no secret there, however, there are ways to make it less hard on your wallet. Pickoff times to travel. Avoid travelling during holidays and the summer months. Not only will this be a less expensive alternative when it comes to your flights, but also for tourist attractions and accommodation.

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