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Keep Things Safe in Self Storage

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Several Stop and Store clients are snow birds or rent their homes on Airbnb and Vrbo. They use a storage locker as a safe place to keep valuables, mementos, photograph albums, important paper and fragile decorative items.

Keep Things Safe in Self Storage

Don’t Leave Items at Home Alone

Sometimes you don’t want to keep your most prized possessions at home because you don’t feel like it is safe. Some clients come to us after there has been a break-in in their neighbourhood and or even their home. If you are going away for winter, like Canadian snowbirds, you may feel better using your storage to make it less likely irreplaceable items are stolen.

Storage Security for Short Term Rentals

If you are doing short rental the worries are privacy for your personal items and key documents. Identity theft costs billions.  Someone renting your home for the weekend might go thru papers and steal key information from bank and insurance papers. So some storage customers reduce the risk of this happening and the most valuable things they own will be getting stolen or damaged.

Expensive Items Belong in Self Storage

The reason why people choose to keep jewellery and other expensive things in self storage is that they are usually well secured and safe. Depending on the location of the unit, and the experience other users had, you can choose a place that you know will be a great option for you to store the expensive things you own behind an anonymous locker door.

By choosing Stop and Store Squamish to keep your items safe, you are in good hands. Never worry about valuable items being taken again! We are centrally located on the Sky to Sky, perfect for those who rent out their homes in Whistler, Squamish or Pemberton. Contact our storage experts today!

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