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December 18, 2020
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4 Rooms That Need Holiday Decluttering

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Holidays mean family and friends. But nothing is worse than having a cluttered house with guests. Follow this great holiday decluttering guide to make sure you and your guests get the most out of your home and the holidays.

Holiday DeCluttering Made Easy

Garage Clean Out

We know that you have been putting off this one for a while. It’s important that your garage remains functional during the holidays. It’s cold outside and people want to keep their cars in a garage. No more windows freezing or frozen locks. You should get a storage unit to help with this, as we are sure you don’t want to move stuff from the garage back to the house.


The magic happens in the kitchen during the holidays. With a larger amount of people inside your home and the kitchen as the focal point means that you NEED to have a functional kitchen. It’s time to go through and get rid of anything that doesn’t belong, clean the oven while you are at it. Checkout this guide on organizing your kitchen like a chef.


With more guests arriving, you are going to need more bedsheets, towels, pillows and blankets. The last thing you want is to give your holiday guests dirty, smelly or mouldy linen. Go through your linen closets and make sure you wash everything inside it. It will save you some serious embarrassment.

Family Room

The place you will spend the second most time in should be totally clutter free. Make it so people can move about, no kids toys lying around etc. If you want to spruce up this area a bit, here is a great guide on cheap, easy holiday home upgrades. Make sure to stock up on Christmas movies and treats to make your guests feel at home.

The holidays are here in Squamish, so get a head start and start decluttering your home!


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