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How Secure is Your Storage?

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There are many reasons people use self storage but one of the key reasons people put their stuff into self storage is to keep it clean, safe, and secure. To keep your items safe and secure requires action by both the storer and the storage facility. Keep in mind that not all self storage facilities are created equal so it is important to ask the correct questions and make the right observations before you decide which facility is the best for you.

Is Your Storage Secure?

  1. Cameras

Ensure cameras are installed in and around the facility. When visiting a facility, try to locate a camera to ensure that it is not obstructed or covered and that there seems to be a sufficient number of cameras so that you know your items are being monitored no matter where they are in the facility. Cameras may not stop criminal activity or thieves from breaking in, but they will assist if a break-in does occur.

  1. Signs

Ensure there are signs in and around the facility advertising the security features of the facility. This may deter criminals from trying to break into a facility and gives customers the peace of mind that you know what is going on in the facility at all times.

  1. Security Gates

Ensure there are security gates at both the entry and exit points of the facility. This alone will not prevent criminals from entering your site but will make it more difficult. Make sure there is adequate perimeter fencing that is strong, not damaged, and high enough to keep intruders out. Fencing with barb wire at the top of gates with spikes on top will also ensure persons who do not have access do not gain access.

  1. Lights

Ensure that the facility and car park is well lit at night and that the lights are well-positioned. Industrial level security lighting should be used both inside and out and a mixture of permanent and motion sensor lighting should be used. Ensure that the path from your car to your unit is well lit and the surrounding area is lit whilst using your unit.

Here at Stop and Store Squamish, we meet all these criteria, we ensure your stuff is safe and secure at all times. Call us today for a free quote!

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