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What Size Moving Van is Right for You?

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For any sort of medium- to large-sized move, and if you are not having a moving company do the heavy lifting for you, it always a good idea to hire a moving van. But when you arrive at the rental centre, how do you know which moving van is right for you?

What Size Moving Van Do You Need?

For some, the decision is comparable to going to an all-you-can-eat restaurant and when you haven’t eaten all day. Chances are, your eyes are hungrier than your stomach and before you know it, you’ve overeaten and are now regretting it. The same allegory holds true for moving vans. As you weigh up your options against the size and number of your belongings, it is easy to assume that all your belongings will fit smoothly and snugly into the bed of the truck. “Look how much space there is in there,” you are probably thinking to yourself as you lift open the cargo door and look inside.

This is an easy mistake to make, and one that first-time movers make all the time. Choosing the right size of moving truck can be critical to a smooth moving day. Trucks are measured according to cubic footage, the entire volume of space available inside the truck’s storage area. Pick a size too small and you are condemned to making multiple trips. A truck too big? You then risk your belongings and valuables sliding across the bed as you negotiate traffic on what is likely already a stressful day.

A general sizing guide calls for approximately three cubic feet of space allotted per room in your house. A 20-cubic-foot moving truck could then be expected to house between six and seven rooms’ worth of belongings. Juggling the size of the truck and the number of rooms in your home could then help inform a decision on the right size of truck for you. For intercity moves, this poses less of a problem, as one can simply make multiple trips between the old and new homes. Convenient? Yes. A hassle? Possibly. For intercity moves, however, the question of truck size is much more relevant; here it is probably advisable to err on the side of caution and rent a bigger truck regardless.

As always, Storage Squamish offers drive up spaces for your moving van!

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