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September 15, 2016
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Smart Phone Apps to Plan Your Home Move

House moving is always very stressful. There are lots of things to remember and lots of things to do. No worries. There are now some great smart phone apps.

Moving Checklist Pro moving checklist / planner comes pre-loaded with more than 210 house moving related items.

Moving List Gives you a timeline for buying boxes, renting a truck and even pre-populates your list with typical moving tasks. It includes a neat feature called Packing Decider to help with those crucial decisions like whether it’s time to dump that ol’ comfy recliner chair, or bring it along to make your new house feel like home. It has a personal side with to do lists for friends and family.

Moving Van This app lets you track what’s in your boxes. Assign each one a name or number, take photos of the boxes you pack and track your possessions.

MoveMatch (Android ™, Free)Only available on the Android platform, “MoveMatch” can help you determine the approximate weight of all your items, and it also creates a list that you can forward to professional movers, explaining where to drop off which boxes.

Moving Planner (Android™, $.99) – This app comes prepopulated with a list of over 210 generic household items that are most likely pack up and it also allows you to create your own list. It is essentially a “checklist” for your move.

Moving Day (iPhone, Free) – “Moving Day” has built-in bar code scanning and label-making capabilities. Basically, you create the bar-codes on your iPhone, print them out, and then tape them to your boxes.  When you’re unpacking, you should be able to “scan” your boxes and immediately see the contents without physically opening the box. If the scanner on your iPhone isn’t working, “Moving Day” will allow you to manually enter the barcode information.

These apps work well for Canadians, as they are fully compatible with Canadian carriers. Stop and Store Squamish is there to help you when you need extra storage for your next move.

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