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5 Top Tips to Save Moving Costs
October 19, 2023
moving costs, money, bills
5 Top Tips to Save Moving Costs
October 19, 2023
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Ski and Snowboard Storage

ski snowboard storage, squamish

Squamish is all about skiing and snowboarding. We believe that you should choose ski and snowboard storage with us. Using a storage unit provides many benefits to you and your equipment this winter season 2023-2024.

Ski and Snowboard Storage in Squamish

Keep The Mess Out

If you don’t have the luxury of a mud room, you know the mess that your ski equipment can bring. By choosing a drive up storage unit in Squamish you can keep the mess out. After your day on the slopes, head to your unit and drop your stuff off! No need to worry about getting your home soaking wet with mud and snow.

Protect Your Equipment

Having a dedicated storage area for your ski and snowboard equipment helps to keep it in tip-top shape. No more banging them around in crammed areas of your home or car. No more having them accidentally knocked over by a family member, dog or cat.

More Room For More

Do you happen to ski and snowboard? Maybe you have a ski-doo as well. In our storage unit, you can have a one-stop place to store all your winter toys. No more letting space dictate what you can buy. At Stop and Store Squamish you can store it all.

24/7 Access To Your Equipment

Having access to your ski and snowboard equipment is key. We offer 24/7 access to your storage. Early day or late day on the slopes, you will always be able to grab your stuff. Leaving for Whistler requires a pretty early wake-up call, most other storage place in Squamish can’t cater to these early morning needs.

Contact Stop and Store Squamish today to get ski and snowboard storage. We have the best rates in the city. Get a head start on the slopes with dedicated winter toy storage.


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