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Great Tips on Preparing Home for Sale In Squamish

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Is your home not selling? This can be stressful as well as frustrating. Here are some top tips that might help.

Street Presence:  How does the outside of your home look from the street? Is the exterior of your home is immaculate. Does it make a great first impression?

Staging your home for viewings essential, Often homeowners focus on the interior of their home. What about the exterior? This is the first impression A well maintained exterior will attract potential purchasers to view. Make sure lawns are cut, flowers are planted and paint is not flaking off the window frames!

What You Need to Know Before You Prepare a Home For Sale

De-clutter Your Home

Get rid of the clutter. This is the quintessential thing to do when preparing your home for viewers. Clutter can make a home look smaller and feel messy, which can be extremely off-putting for potential buyers.

Viewers need to be able to visualize their family living in your home, therefore it’s important to remove any personal items that they won’t connect with such as family photos, religious items, or children’s paintings.

Spring Clean

Make sure your home is sparkling from top to bottom before a viewing. Clean your windows, sofas and carpets, and ensure extra attention is focused on the hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen and bathrooms.  If needed, add a fresh lick of neutral paint to make a room feel brighter, or replace dirty grout in between the bathroom tiles – this can make a huge difference!


Nobody wants to be greeted by wonky door handles, peeling wallpaper or cracked kitchen tiles, make sure all problems are fixed before you open the door for viewers! Give your home’s plumbing a quick check over as well.

Rent a Storage Room

You should only have enough furniture in a room for its purpose. Too much furniture can make a room look and feel smaller. Keep any unnecessary chairs, cabinets or tables locked away safely in a storage unit until your house is sold!

Follow these tips and make your home sale go much easier!

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