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Storage Tips for Electronics

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Three dark forces will attack your electronics in storage: batteries, dust and humidity. You don’t want your expensive electronics to end up ruined. Follow these tips for storing electronics. If you are unsure of the storage process for an electronic item, refer to the owner’s manual beforehand!

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Storage Tips for Electronics

  • The easiest mess to avoid is a leaking battery. Remove batteries, which may corrode and leak.
  • Wipe and vacuum dust, which can settle on circuits and cause shorts.
  • Pack electronics with anti moisture packages and seal the boxes.
  • Don’t cover with plastic sheets, which create moisture pockets as temperatures change in a storage locker.
  • Use cloth covers. Lockers with concrete or block walls have moisture in them and will freeze, including nearby glass TV screens.
  • Put TVs in the middle of the locker.
  • Keep an inventory list so you can handle any insurance claim. CDs, tapes and software do not survive extreme temperatures, so consider not storing these items.

Greatest Tip of all: Computer and sound system wiring connections are complex. Use your cell phone to take pictures of the wiring hook up. This will help you immensely later on down the road when you have to hook everything back up again.

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