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August 15, 2023
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Self Storage Uses For Small Business

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Small businesses need to watch their money carefully. With a limited budget, space is crucial for many businesses and taking up working space for storage is just not possible. Within Canada, small businesses, 1–5 employees, are growing. A number are home based, like eBay stores or service providers.

From our experience at Stop and Store, we have dozens of small business users. We wanted to tell you how our customers use self storage as part of a cost-effective way to manage their business.

Squamish Small Business and Self Storage

Staging Area

We have small contractors who store inventory, supplies and tools. Sometimes they will come to one locker and take what they need for that day’s jobs. The items they return might be used by another employee the next day. So the storage unit becomes a staging area where crews can come in the morning to collect equipment and supplies for jobs.

Seasonal Inventory storage

Businesses store excess seasonal inventory or holiday displays like Christmas and Halloween decorations. Stop and Store has leading drugs stores and gift shops among our renters. Our specialized seasonal small business storage units may just be the right fit for you.

Records Storage

Law-firms and other businesses who require the collection of files use self storage as an option. No one needs a room full of never used file cabinets, instead they store off-site, saving space and money. Most of the time you are required to keep records for at least 7 years and they can take up a lot of space!


Self storage reduces overhead and saves administrative time and expenses. Storage rent includes the property tax, utility bills, security and service charges you would pay for leased space.  There is no first and last month’s rent deposit; no lease agreement; no lawyers and no long term commitment.

Choose Stop and Store for all your small business needs!

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