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Online Business? You Need Self Storage.

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Your new online business is growing. E-Commerce customers are ordering everyday on eBay or Amazon. Your inventory is in your spare room or basement. Don’t spend money on fixed expenses like long-term lease, service charges, and utilities by renting a warehouse. Storage offers you a fixed all-inclusive monthly rentStorage also gives you security and quick access for trucks making deliveries and pick-ups. Short term flexibility: where else can you double your storage place to fit a new shipment, but only rent that for one  month? Call Stop and Store Squamish about how a self storage unit can work for you.

Online Business and Self Storage

Starting an online business from scratch can be tough, but make sure you save costs wherever you can.

More Space

Running the business out of your home can be a challenging thing. You are often short on space already, and inventory takes up a lot more. This is especially tough if you live in an apartment building. When this becomes too much of an issue for your online business, turn to a self storage unit in order to give yourself that much-needed space.

online business, space, inventoryDedicated Space

Having a self storage unit for your business allows for a dedicated work and storage place. If you get a big enough unit, you can have it store your inventory and double as a work space. Keeping your business and personal life separate is always a good thing.

Flexible Termseshop, online business

Having a self storage unit at Stop and Store, allows for total flexibility. With no contracts, you can cancel, upgrade your unit, or rent a second one in an instant. Making these quick decisions for your business can be the difference between making it and not.

If this sounds like something that you need, give Stop and Store Squamish a call today. Get your first 2 months free.

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