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August 14, 2020
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The Best Coffee Shops in Squamish

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Stopping in Squamish to refuel? We have some of the best coffee shops in Squamish to tell you about. Grab a cup to go or stay and enjoy, it’s up to you. Think we missed a place? Add a comment down below!

The Best Coffee Shops Squamish

Zephyr Cafe

With a great lounge area, Zephry is a place many locals call their second home. They serve Counterpart coffee, which is a local roaster right in Squamish. As well as coffee they server tasty food to go along with it. The breakfast bagel is particularly good. Find out more info here:

Located at: 38084 Cleveland Ave, Squamish, British Columbia

Caffe Garibaldicoffee, shop, squamish

Aptly named after Garibaldi Mountain, Caffe Garibaldi makes our list. This is a great spot to grab a cup to go as it’s located in the visitor’s centre. Grab a fresh muffin as a perfect side to your coffee. Serving Moja Coffee from North Vancouver, you can’t go wrong. Find out more info here:

Located at: 38551 Loggers Lane Squamish Adventure Centre, Squamish, British Columbia

The Ledge Community Coffee House

A unique coffee shop in Squamish. The upstairs has a lounge with board games to enjoy while you drink your coffee. Their fresh baked cookies are an excellent side to any coffee. They serve Elysian Coffee from Vancouver. We highly recommend giving this place a try.

If you are on the way to your storage unit, we suggest grabbing a cup from any of these places, you might need the energy.

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