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Take a hike and tour on the Sea to Sky Gondola

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Located just a few minutes away from Squamish. The sea to sky gondola is something not to be missed. When at the top, it offers stunning views of Howe Sound.

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Some basic information one needs is:

  • Day tickets cost around $62 for a round trip
  • Total journey time is around 10 minutes to the top
  • Season passes start at $189
  • There are restaurants, view points and hikes at the top

If you don’t want to spend $62

Hike! Yes, that’s right, you can hike your way to the stop. Now be aware, this isn’t a hike for the faint-hearted. You will be scaling rock walls and hiking very steep and slippery mountain sides. The hike should take the average person around 3 hours.

When starting the hike, you start with the famous “Chief” pathway, but then veer off to the right and begin the sea to sky trail. If you are at the gondola, head straight into the trees and you will see a sign and a path leading the way. Be careful, you can only park in the lot for a maximum of three hours, so plan accordingly.

The hike up is a rewarding experience, and the cost to ride down is only $10. Use that money you saved and buy lunch at the top, and get some needed rest before going down.

This is an experience we recommend to all, very rewarding, and only a short drive away from our Stop and Store location in beautiful Squamish, BC.

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