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Small Business Storage Solution

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As a business located in the city of Squamish, we know that small businesses face many challenges, especially small business storage problems. Contact us today for great long term storage rates in Squamish. Just minutes from the city centre and a short drive from Whistler, BC.

Business Storage

We are here to be your small business solution.  Renting a unit can be a great investment to further expand your business. Don’t overlook the prospect of self storage for your company.

Storage For Small and Large Business

Are you a restaurant owner? Maybe a small independent shop. Whatever your size, we have the business space solutions for you at Stop and Store Squamish. You can’t go wrong by choose to store extra inventory or sensitive paper work off site.

Second Warehouse

A storage unit can be an extension of your warehouse.  This allows for more product inventory and quicker delivering times to customers.  Storage can also be a great place to declutter your office and supply closet.  Free space leads to greater productivity. Having more working space inside your business will benefit both employees and customers together.

Grow Faster

Any small business that’s experiencing growth or wants to expand into new markets should look into using self storage. This solution allows expansion with lower risk. There is a booming market coming to Squamish. With the new mountain resort being planned to take on Whistler, it might be time to start looking into growing. At Stop and Store Squamish we can help you grow today.

Stop and Store Squamish is your number one option for small business storage.

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