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Quick Winter Home Preparation Checklist

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Home ownership is a full time job. That means that all year round you need to be checking and maintaining certain aspects of your home. With the ugly Winter we are about to have, it’s important that you take extra steps to keep your home in tip-top shape.

Winter Home Checklist

Sweep and Clean Your Fireplace

Did you know that almost all house fires in the winter are due to poor chimney and fireplace conditions. It’s a great thing to gather around the fire on Christmas, but don’t let it turn deadly. You should sweep and clean the inside of the fire place, have your chimney inspected and use a cleaning log.

Insulate Pipes

We have a great guide on winterizing your pipes, but in essence, it’s making sure they are covered and insulated, as well as dripped when the temperature gets really low.

Clean the Yard

Before the snow hits, make sure all your seasonal items are stored away. Either in your garage, shed, or one of our great storage units. Leaving these items lying around during the winter is a great way to ruin them. They also pose a hazard for anyone walking through your yard.

Prepare for Snow

Salt, shovels and snow blowers. Make sure that all your snow removal devices are ready and stocked. Salt sells out fast, and you don’t want to be stuck lining up at Canadian Tire in a snow storm for salt.

Watch for Theft

Theft skyrockets during the holiday season. If you are having packages delivered, or have presents in plain view of the windows, make sure that thieves have a hard time getting in. Invest in a home security system, you will be happier that you had it. Nest makes a great variety of home security products for your home.


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