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May 11, 2023
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All You Need to Know About an RV Getaway

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An RV getaway is looking to be a more viable way for Canadians to take that vacation without breaking the bank. You get to see more, you are on your own time and you can go exactly where you want. It may seem a bit daunting to people, but trust us, using an RV to getaway might be the best thing you did. If you are looking to get away to the Island, Contain Your Stuff Nanaimo has great RV Storage options.

What to Know About an RV Getaway

You Don’t Need Experience

Besides what you might think, you don’t need to have ever driven an RV before. Many RV rental places will just need a few things signed, some insurance and you are on your way. We do suggest finding an empty parking lot to practice parking and maneuvering before you truly hit the open road.

Plan, Plan and Plan Again

Before you set out, make sure you have a general route that you want to take. Since you will be sleeping in your RV, you need to make sure that you can park it overnight legally. There will be many RV parks along your route, but you should make sure they have availability. Some places are booked out for months during peak seasons.

It’s Not That Cheap

You are easily looking at around $100 per day for the rental and then you have to factor in the gas. While in many respects it’s still cheaper than flying, it’s not a magical ticket that allows for cheap and easy travel. You can always save money by subletting your place and storing things in a storage unit if you are planning an extended trip.

Shop Around

Don’t rely on the first quote you get. Shop around and try and find the best rental rate. At Stop and Store Squamish, we really love Wicked Campers. While they mainly deal with smaller vans, they have a loyal following and offer unbeatable rates.

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