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How to Move Heavy Furniture

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Self storage and moving go hand in hand. Self Storage is the best choice when you are moving because it gives you a home away from home. However, with moving comes furniture, and boy can it be heavy. So make sure you follow these tips to ensure you do not break your back.

Moving Heavy Furniture

We hope these tips save you from breaking your back, and you can use Stop and Store Squamish to stop breaking the bank.

Wrap It Up

That’s right, protect your furniture at all costs. It can be very expensive to replace or repair things that could have been saved with just a little wrapping. Use cardboard to keep it from moving around, use bubble wrap to protect the small more fragile items and use covers to give that finish an extra layer of protection.

Use a Moving Truck

It’s tempting to try and fit all that stuff into your Mazda Miata, but we think that it just won’t cut it unless you want to make 300 trips back and forth. Talk about a waste of time. Using a moving truck allows you to take one trip only and it’s easier and safer to load heavy furniture into a moving truck.

Let The Pros Do It

Why move the stuff yourself? That’s why there are moving companies. Not only do these guys have all the equipment, but then also have the know-how to keep your items safe. Just sit back and relax, sometimes you can even pay for them to move everything to exactly where you want it. What a treat.

Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

That’s right, when you are storing things between the move or if you just can’t fit everything into your new house. Make sure to rent a climate-controlled unit. This is because the sensitive wood used in the furniture is susceptible to the heat and moisture of our Pacific North West climate. If in doubt, choose climate control.

We hope this little guide helps you with your next move. Just remember to keep that back straight and bend the knees.

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