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6 Ways to Use a Pressure Washer

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With winter well on its way out, it’s time to squeeze some extra uses out of your pressure washer. In case you have forgotten, we are here to remind you of some of the best ways to use your water blasting machine.

The Best Pressure Washer Uses

1. Barbecues and Grills

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Often left forgotten as soon as the rain hits, cleaning the BBQ and Grill is an important part of winter prep. A pressure washer can really make this annoying task be finished in minutes. A tip before you start is to spray some de-greaser on the grill and cover any electrical items.

2. Lawn Mowers & Equipment

You probably won’t be mowing the lawn or trimming hedges when the snow hits. If you forget to clean your equipment, there is a good chance they will be rusted to come summer. Grab your pressure washer and clean away, make sure to get underneath where the blades are.

3. Fencing & Railings

If your fences are looking a little dirty or dull, give them a quick spray, your paint will look brand new. Be careful, you don’t want the pressure to blast the paint off! The same goes with any railings around your deck or stairs, a quick wash makes a world of difference.

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4. Patio Furniture

Getting your patio furniture inside is key before the rain ruins it. You also want to make sure that it’s cleaned thoroughly, so before you store it, grab your pressure washer and clean it well. Make sure to let it dry before you store to prevent mold.

5. Automobiles

With all the salting that will happen this winter, a pressure washer will come in handy to remove it from your car. Even if you don’t wash your car completely, a few seconds from the pressure washer will keep salt off and prevent rust.

6. Garage Door

If your garage door is looking a little dull, go ahead and give it a blast. Dirt and grime tends to build up around the bottom of the door. This buildup might affect how water drains, causing major issues down the road.

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