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The Do’s and Don’ts of Self Storage

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Lots of people have lots of question about our self storage. So we are here to help simplify this process with some basic dos and don’ts of self storage. If you have any questions about our storage and the rules, please contact us.

Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage


  • Keep an inventory. Make a list of everything inside your locker. This will help with any insurance claims and helping to find things if you can’t remember where you stored them.
  • Label. Slap a sticker on each and every box you put inside. This will help you retrieve items easily.
  • Organize. Move things you use most to the front, and seasonal or long term storage items to the back.
  • Leave doors open on appliances. This will help to prevent mould growth.
  • Take big items apart. This will save space, take legs off tables and dismantle bed frames.
  • Do purchase insurance. Should something go wrong, and your items become lost, insurance should cover most of your claim.


  • Give your access to code to others. Unless you really trust them, your access code is yours and we are not responsible for the loss of your items.
  • Store hazardous material. Doing so is cause for eviction and may damage the other goods in your locker.
  • Stack boxes high. Doing so can result in injury and damage to your goods.
  • Wrap items in newspaper. The ink tends to run off and mark items.
  • Modify your unit. Keep the unit the same as when you received it. Modifications are not allowed under any circumstance.

We hope this article has helped to answer some questions and give you a guideline for our storage facility. For any other inquires, contact us today!

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