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10 Signs You Should Invest in Squamish

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Squamish is a booming market. Located between Vancouver, BC and Whistler, the little town has many opportunities for young families and businesses. Here at Stop and Store Squamish we have put together some reasons why you should invest in Squamish. The time has never been better!

Invest in Squamish


  • Located right between Whistler and Vancouver, it has a great location for people looking for the best of both worlds: The City and the Mountains.
  • It is away from congested Vancouver and offers affordability in housing. Vancouver’s prices have got out of hand, and Squamish is your next best bet.
  • The new Sea to Sky highway built for the Olympics in 2010 allows for easy travel, just a 45-minute drive from downtown Vancouver.
  • Need a waterfront view? Squamish has over 100 acres of waterfront land.


  • Hiking, biking, swimming, it has it all. It offers a lifestyle for the adventurous and outgoing.
  • The community of Squamish is very tight nit and the people care about their town. Something you won’t find in the city.


  • Young and passionate people move to Squamish. With the growth rate at 15% over the next 5 years, the workforce will only better.
  • 63% of the population is under 40 years old. This allows for a young and vibrant community to take hold, along with a skilled and hardworking workforce.

Open for Business

  • Economic development is a top priority for the community of Squamish, and it has dedicated itself to be a top spot for businesses.
  • Squamish works with local businesses to foster growth, they care about the success of the companies and actively help them to expand.

If you or anyone else is thinking Squamish for the future, remember, Stop and Store when it comes time to store your things.


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