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A Better And Cheaper Way to Rent a Moving Van

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We have all heard of Modo Car Coop right? Well, the company has gone a step further and they now offer vans and trucks. It’s a great alternative to the traditional moving van rental companies. Stop and Store Squamish is here to give you the lowdown on the cool new rental alternative.

Modo, the cheaper rental alternative.

We are always on the lookout for ways to help our customers save money, and boy have we found a good one. Modo isn’t just cheaper, it offers a host of advantages versus rental vans. Checkout their sleek website here: Modo Car Coop


  • Conveniently located near public transportation
  • Self-service, just swipe and go
  • Gas, insurance, and 200 km included
  • One all-inclusive price, no hidden charges

If this isn’t enough to sway you, you can even rent by the hour, at only $4! And there are NO hidden fees!

We highly recommend that you check this company out the next time you are looking to move your things to our storage facility. Rent with us today and get 50% off your first two months!

50% off your first 2 Months*