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All You Need to Know About Storing Champagne

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Nothing beats Champagne when it comes to a toast. Some bottles of Champagne even sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Making sure that you properly store your bottles is key. Stop and Store Squamish has wrote the ultimate guide to storing Champagne.

How You Should be Storing Champagne

First, a little history

Champagne is a drink that comes from the region of Champagne in France. Any drink that claims to be Champagne but is not from this region, is not Champagne. In fact its illegal to call your drink Champagne if it’s not from the region. It is a relativity new drink, staring in the 1600-1700’s, unlike wine which has been around for thousands of years. Champagne is made from Grapes, much like wine, but with a few more processes involved. There can be two types, normal or vintage. Vintage Champagnes mean that only a certain years grapes were used. Normal means that grapes from different years were mixed. If you want to learn more about Champange, there is  great podcast up on stuff you should know.

3 Simple Rules

If you want to make sure your bottles last a long time, then it’s important to follow these simple rules when it comes to storage.

  1. No Light.
  2. Bottles on their sides.
  3. No Temperature Changes.

These simple rules are a great start, but there are a few more things to note.

Short Storage

If you have opened up a bottle and plan to drink it, you have about 3 days to do so before it will start to go bad. If you are planning on storing an unopened bottle for 2-3 months, the fridge or a cabinet away from heat and light is perfectly fine.

Long Term Storage

The longer you store Champagne, the better is gets, as it ages more flavors get introduced into it. When you store Champagne long term, make sure that:

  1. Low and unchanging temperature is met.
  2. Dark and away from any light.
  3. Laid on it’s side.
  4. Humidity of 80%.

Following these tips will allow for a long lasting Champagne. If you need a place to store some Champagne, we have great storage units available.