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How Self Storage Can BOOST Your Etsy Business

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We have talked about using self storage to help your online business in our previous blog, but I thought we should get more specific and artsy for those who use Etsy as their main source of income. Self storage can help you in a number of great ways when it comes to growing your Etsy business, let Stop and Store Squamish show you a few of those ways.

Self Storage & Etsy

Organize Your Lifeorganize, meeting, paper, pen

A major theme and benefit of self storage is organization. Running a small business like Etsy can really overload you and your home with clutter. It’s a better business practice to keep your personal life and your business life separate. By renting a small self storage unit, you can better organize your business items.

Facilitate Business Growth

It’s easy to get stuck if your space is small. Every growing business needs a growing work space and inventory space around it. When you are running a business on Etsy, almost all of your items are physical and you need the space for all of it. There comes a point in every business where you simply need more space to keep up with demand. Choose an affordable self storage unit for that.

Keep Everything Safe

Running a home based business with physical inventory can be challenging, but if you have kids and pets, trying to keep those items safe is tough. Dogs and Cats can tear things up, kids can make almost anything a mess. The last thing you want is having to cancel an order because the Dog got to it before you did. Very unprofessional. No Dogs, Cats or children in our self storage facility.

One-Stop Shop

Use your unit however you like. Many people use the unit as a place to store, create and ship out their Etsy items. It provides a dedicated work space away from home, a place to focus solely on your business. If you have some local buyers, you can always meet them right at your unit, keeping your home address safe and hidden.

Stop and Store Squamish has a wide variety of small and large storage units for your business. Contact us today and see how we can help you!

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