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Man Cave Essentials

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What home is complete with that man cave? That room where you can slip away to for some guy centred fun. It’s a dream most men have, but rarely get to fulfill. Often times priorities get in the way, but if you have been thinking of creating that room just for you, look no further than this blog for the essentials. When you need a place to store the things you will be removing, choose self storage.

Man Cave Essentials

TV’s (Plural)

No man cave is complete with multiple televisions. One for the game, one for gaming and one for movies. This is especially useful if you have multiple guests over, and everyone wants to do a different thing. This can be costly, but if you search hard enough, you can find cheap TV’s and TV mounts.


Sports signs, bar signs, any sign, it doesn’t matter. Outfit your room with what matters to you. Throw your favourite sports team on the wall, or get a big neon beer sign with your favourite beer. The point is that you make your cave yours.

The Bar

The centrepiece, the place where people gather. The bar might just be the most important part of the room. This will cause the most damage to your wallet. If not equipped you will need plumbing, wiring and construction work. If you are handy, you could do this yourself, but leave the plumbing and electrics to the professionals. Get some nice bar stools and a mini fridge and you are set. Last thing to do is stock up on all the essential drinks.


Pool, cards or video games. Whatever you like to play, get it into that man cave asap. Provide endless entertainment for you and your guests. No man cave is complete without these gaming essentials.

We hope this gives you come guidance for your new man cave. If you need more space in that garage or basement, store with us, Stop and Store Squamish.


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