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Winter Storage Tips for Motorcycles, Jet Skis and ATVs

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Your toys cost you a lot of money and need protected storage when not in use. Small self storage lockers are ideal to securely, privately and inexpensively store your Jet Skis, ATVs, Snowmobiles, and Motorcycles. We have researched some of the best winter storage tips to prepare the vehicles for storage.

Winter Storage Tips For Summer Toys

  • Before reserving a unit ask or measure the doors to make sure your toys will fit through.
  • Bring proof of registration & insurance as this is generally required by storage facilities
  • Clean your vehicle beforehand to protect the parts. Consider using dust covers to reduce the dust and any condensation dripping.
  • Remove the battery. Purchase a battery “trickle” charger to keep your battery charged at home while your vehicle is in storage. This also reduces the risk of theft.
  • Fill up the tires to their highest level.
  • Make the necessary repairs or maintenance before storing your vehicle.
  • To prevent leaks and fire hazards, drain most of the fuel tank and pour in some fuel stabilizer which is terrific protection during cold winters.
  • Place cardboard or mats on the unit’s floor so it does not get damaged.

These simple winter storage tips will keep up your vehicle’s performance and protect its value. Need a storage unit for your summer toys? Call or email Stop and Store Squamish.

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