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March 25, 2021
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June 3, 2021
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Tire Storage in Squamish

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That’s right! Its tire storage season, and if you missed the great deals in the Summer for Fall and Winter tires we feel sorry for you, but nonetheless, now is that time to look into replacing those old bald tires you have been putting off for months. And if your Summer tires are still good, you are going to need a place to store them when you get those Winters on. The ski hills are closing on the sea to sky, time to put those tires away.

Tire Storage Time

Tires are Dirty

Tires are big, bulky and most of all dirty. Go ahead touch the wall of your tires and notice the black stain on your hands now. This isn’t something you want lying around your home, even with tire bags, they can rip and create a whole big mess.

Tires are Unhealthy

How many things do your tires pick up on the road? Dirt, Oil, Grime and everything else that comes into contact with the road. Tires pose a health hazard to you, your family and your pets. It’s best to store them remotely.

Avoid Dealerships

they tend to store these tires outside in large piles, and they become victims of the elements. Tires can be very expensive and are an investment for your vehicle. We at Stop and Store Squamish are the best place for you to store your Summer or Winter tires. Along with your tires, you can store almost anything else your car needs seasonally such as roof racks, ski racks and bike racks. When you need your tires back, simply come by during our flexible hours and pick them up and head to your favourite installer, or DIY should you feel inclined.

Stop and Store Squamish is the number one Self Storage Company in Squamish, BC. Call us now to find out why.

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