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Store Jewelry Long Term

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Jewelry is usually something that people hold onto and pass down for generations and its value is often immeasurable. When it comes to storing these types of items long term, many people are confused in regards to the best and safest way to put away these priceless items.

Making Jewelry Last in Self Storage


The easiest way to store jewelry such as earrings is to first get a piece of cardboard or cork. It does not have to be a large piece of material but just big enough to be able to poke all your earrings through to hold them in place so they avoid becoming tangled over time. Another great way to store your earrings is to use pill containers. You can use older ones from past prescriptions or purchase new from a pharmacy.


Rings are one of the more commonly lost pieces of jewelry. When moving boxes around they can come displaced and fall out. A fantastic way to store your rings is to use egg cartons. They are cheap and do the trick! You can even separate and sort your rings within each egg area. There are plenty of great storage containers right here on Amazon!

Necklaces & Bracelets

By far, the easiest jewelry items to become tangled are necklaces and bracelets. The simplest way to avoid this from happening is using something you can wrap the items around. Paper towel and toilet roll and even straws can easily stop your necklaces and bracelets from tangling. You just need to thread your item through the roll or straw and connect it on the other side. This makes it easy to store multiple necklaces and bracelets at one time around one roll without tangling!

After you’ve sorted all your jewelry, it’s time to make sure you find a moving company or storage facility that uses locks and has some sort of security system. If you have gone through the trouble or sorting all your jewelry you want to make sure it cannot be stolen!

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