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Conveniently Located Storage Lockers

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You have a storage problem and you need to find a solution. You might be moving house or your business needs some extra space for a period of time.

Stop and Store Squamish – The Most Convenient Storage Lockers

So you Google storage and the town for example storage lockers Squamish or storage lockers Whistler and a number of storage companies are listed offering you a range of options. storage lockers Squamish

You surf through their websites and look at the pictures of all these colored doors and size estimators, and then eventually you make an inquiry. This maybe by telephone of email. You will then no doubt get a call from a friendly storage customer advisor to help you decide on the size of room you require and work out what it will cost. You may go through this process a couple of times with, say, three different companies because; of course, you should get comparable quotes.

It’s All About Location

However, the number one factor that affects people’s decision on where to store is location. Storage is not just about price, but also convenience. If you need to access the facility on a regular basis, then you do not want to be driving to the other side of town or even further.

Generally, customers store within a 3 to 6-mile radius from their front door. This will reduce the number of options to look at. Maybe the place to start is on Google Maps to see the location of the stores and start your search there.

The options may vary between self storage, crated storage and containerized storage. They will all offer a slightly different service, but a consideration that will be high on your list will be convenience, therefore ensure that your search for storage takes this into account.

If you need to regularly visit, what time of day do you need to visit the storage facility? Is this early in the morning and is it on a commuter route? Will you be stuck in traffic each morning? Do you need to travel over a busy bridge or toll tunnel? All these are considerations when working out where to store.

It’s not all about price. Remember there are other elements to storing rather than just the monthly rental cost, how valuable is your time? Don’t think about how convenient the facility is but how inconvenient is it!

Stop and Store provide clean, dry and affordable storage in Victoria, Whistler and Squamish BC

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