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Prep Your Vehicle for Storage

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Stop and Store Squamish now offers Vehicle Storage! That’s right, now you can store your vehicles, ATV’s, and other motorized vehicles with us! But how does one go about storing these expensive items? We have put together a little checklist to make sure that when you store your vehicle with us, it stays in the best condition possible.

Vehicle Storage Checklist

1. Safe Location

Make sure that you choose a safe and secure location for your vehicle. These are valuable things and their security is your top concern. Stop and Store Squamish offers a gated and secure location for all your vehicles.

2. Oil

Change that engine oil if it’s dirty or hasn’t been changed in a long while. While it’s always the safer bet to change the oil regardless, it may not be totally necessary. If storing for a long time, change.

3. Fluids

Top up all the fluids in the vehicle. This means the coolant, oil, windshield fluid and gas. Gas is important, as a full tank allows less moisture to seep into it. This moisture can wreak havoc on your car when it’s taken out of storage. Add a fuel stabilizer as well.

4. Battery

Remove the battery and place it on a trickle charger. You can grab one from any auto parts store or Canadian Tire. Keeping your battery plugged in your car during storage will all but guarantee that it will be toast when you take the vehicle out.

5. Wash

Wash and vacuum the vehicle to ensure that no dirt or grime builds up during storage. Vacuuming the inside ensures that no pests find food or debris to snack on. It’s also a nice feeling to come back to a fresh and clean car. After it’s washed, invest in a high quality car cover to keep any dust, dirt and grime from building up during storage.

That’s it! This should be enough to keep your vehicle, ATV or anything else motorized safe during storage. Contact Stop and Store Squamish to store your vehicle for the Fall now!

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