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It’s Time to Dust Off That Garden Furniture, Summer is Here!

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Summer has finally arrived. It’s May, and the time has come to finally christen that brand-new patio or deck that you’ve toiled for two months to complete. You pull out and dust off the patio furniture; perhaps you have even bought new patio furniture. You put up the awning in case of rain. Furthermore, you invite over your friends and family on the weekends, maybe you even eat dinner out there every night.

Few things rival a cold beer or a late night scotch on the patio after a long day of work. With summer comes the arrival of new toys for the family. Maybe you’ve purchased new bikes for everybody. Your son’s skateboard and rollerblades are sitting outside near the garage. The lawnmower is sitting in that very same corner, ready to be started at a moment’s notice. The grass, growing quickly as it does, won’t cut itself.

Getting Out of Summer Storage

Summer comes and goes, and before you know it, the cold and crisp days of the fall and winter arrive. What are you to do with all that aforementioned summer paraphernalia? Some people store it under the deck. Others turn to the shed. Still more turn to the garage. These are all less than ideal spots. An excellent solution is to store all these things at our secure storage facilities.

External Storage

There are two main reasons why you should look to external storage to store your oversized belongings when this summer comes to a close. Foremost, external storage provides a much more secure alternative to storing your belongings than does your shed, often protected only by a simple padlock, if that. Secondly, storing your seasonal items also offers you the convenience and ability to keep your home clean and free of clutter. Your own storage areas at home (think about your garage, your attic, even that crawl space under the stairs) will be free to hold other things while your summer items are stashed away in our spacey storage units. Call, Stop and Store today – we can help you keep your home clean and organized this fall.

Stop and Store Squamish is here for all your summer storage needs.

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