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Clever Ways to Keep Your Storage Items Safe

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Protecting the things you choose to store with us should be a top priority for you. Besides the basics we have brought you some unexpected ways that you can use to keep your storage items safer. Check them out below. Have any better tips? Let us know below!

Keep Storage Item Safe

Use these tips with caution and try to choose the best ones for you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


That’s right, using charcoal inside your storage unit will keep the moisture out. No need for expensive dehumidifying products, just grab a pan and place some charcoal inside it. This will keep your unit nice and dry. Make sure to change out the charcoal every 2-3 weeks.

Dryer Sheets

Besides smelling oh so fresh, using dryer sheets in the nooks and crannies of your storage unit will keep all the insects away from your things. Spiders and other bugs hate the chemicals in dryer sheets and will steer well clear of your unit. Plus is keeps your items smelling fresh.


We know that we advocate for plastic boxes over cardboard, but sometimes you need to use it. Cardboard, unlike plastic, breaths and promotes airflow. This is crucial if you are storing items such as bedding or clothes. Using plastic can trap moisture and promote mould growth.


Do not pack your storage unit to the max. By having too many items inside the unit, it becomes stuffy and this traps moisture. You want to be sure that air can flow through the unit, or you run the risk of all your things being ruined. If you are stacking lots of boxes, place pallets underneath them to better the airflow between items.

Didn’t think of those before huh? Well now you have some great and clever tips to keep storage items safe, you can put to use the next time that you choose to use self storage. Need a storage unit today? Call us now for 50% off!

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